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Our goals


For Individuals -

To help you make a difference in your area of passion and giftedness

For Churches -

To Help mobilize your congregation as well as collaborating at an institutional level to make a greater Kingdom Impact where you are already serving

For Organizations-

To help bring passionate volunteers to join on the front lines of your ministry and service

We are setting out to effectively mobilize the greater Church by igniting individuals, communities, cities, nations, and beyond to move in their passions and giftedness to change the world for the better. For us, this happens through connection. For individuals, it comes through connection to purpose and passion, joining the front lines where God has instilled a heart and desire to make a difference. At an institutional level, connection to one another begins with a shared calling, uniting in love and service to impact our communities for good.

In pursuit of that goal, The Kingdom Initiative partners with an ever-expanding network of non-profits, ministries, organizations, and individuals throughout the spectrum of service to help individuals find and move in their specific passions and giftedness. We are also developing new initiatives to better love and serve our community through linking arms with Kingdom-centered organizations. Within the Church sits the manpower, passion, and resources to take on so many issues facing our world and make a genuine difference in bringing about the Kingdom of God. But it only happens one way — together. While we may never agree on various theological issues, ideologies, or practical approaches to ministry; we all share a common calling to love people, to serve our communities, and to make disciples. The barriers that kept us from linking arms in that pursuit have long since faded. We are connected. We are connected through a common purpose, a common Spirit, and a common King. We are no longer limited to being thousands of churches and ministries existing in isolation. We can be — and are — His Kingdom.

- Alex Campbell, Founder

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