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Make disciples in your specific context and communities by loving God together for the good of the world

Social Justice

Join the front lines of the fight for equity, access, participation, and rights to love those in the midst of oppression


Join together with a robust network of creatives in the worlds of worship, music, technology, and the arts to use your gifts and creativity for the Kingdom

Mental health

Join together with organizations and individuals on the front lines of the fight for increased mental health awareness and support


Make a difference where you live through loving your neighbor as yourself

At-Risk youth

Make a difference in the lives of youth in need of mentorship, love, and support

Prison ministry

Love and serve individuals and families affected by incarceration


Let your workplace be your mission field by learning to love and serve where you already spend your time

Anything Else

These are just a small sampling of the many areas you can make a difference. Do you have a passion for a people group you do not see here? What about animals? Sports? Video Games? Maybe even Dungeons and Dragons? No matter how specific it might be, we want to help you utilize your passion to make an impact for good. If you are interested in making a greater Kingdom impact, we would love to meet you.

Anything Else
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